January 6, 2006

Diving right in…

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True to my desire to do everything as honestly and unembellished as possible, this first post is something I published in my newsletter “Today, I remembered…” in December, 2004. I tripped over it recently and it feels oh-so-right-now.

Today, I remembered…

It’s an illusion.

Yeah, yeah this is what they all say (they being the sages, spiritual masters, the ones that “get it”). But, we humanoids so very often forget that this is true. We forget that all the anger, the “rightness” of our seemingly solid positions, our very bodies – all illusions.

All mind fabricated little stories.

Try this. Think of a recent argument or a time when you were really, REALLY pissed off. Feel it. Bring it back to “life”. Now, take a mental/soulful step back and re-look at the situation from a distance, as a cool, uninvolved spectator. See any “reality” there?
What I see as I do this is an opinion – short or long held – based on what I was focusing on at the time. Had I been in a different frame of mind, such as being willing to allow another person to be themselves in the moment, I wouldn’t have gotten mad at all.

Here’s the deal. We’re all of the same stuff, we’re all connected, we’re all here for a brief time. Let’s enjoy the illusions, enjoy enjoyment and enjoy our connections. OK?